High TSH Levels

So, you are under the suspicion that you have high TSH levels? If yes, then reading this article on high TSH levels will help you in accomplishing the goal of learning about the high TSH levels. The first question to you guys is What is TSH? I mean most of you know that TSH is a hormone which regulates the thyroid gland function. But only very few of you know the full form of TSH. Oh, so you know the abbreviation of TSH. Good, then you are way ahead of others who are ignorant about the TSH hormone. So, anyway, the complete form of TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

TSH, as you have already read, regulates the thyroid function, and the release of thyroid hormones like t3 and t4 is controlled by the normal TSH levels. If there is a drop or increase in the normal thyroid levels or normal TSH levels, then the switch to the normal and regular functioning if thyroid gland if turned down. This article is dealt about the high TSH Levels and the inference it gives us.

What is TSH?

TSH is the thyroid stimulating hormone. This hormone is significant for the normal thyroid levels to sustain in our body. TSH hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. The other names for Thyroid-stimulating hormone are TSH, Thyrotropin, thyrotropic hormone, and hTSH. (which means human TSH) This stimulates the metabolism of every tissue and muscle in our body. The release or secretion of this hormone is dependant on the Thyrotropin-releasing hormone. 

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Normal TSH levels

The TSH blood test is used to determine the normal thyroid levels and normal TSH levels. When the TSH is present in the normal TSH levels, then it plays a partially vital role The TSH levels can also raise when there are serious growth and development in the body. It can also be a response to the stress. If your TSH levels are abnormally high then be prepared it is an underactive thyroid gland. And you are having hypothyroidism. Frankly speaking, the diagnosis of normal TSH levels vary depending on the type of the thyroid blood test. But the widely accepted range lies between 0.4 and 4mlU/L. 

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High TSH Levels

The high TSH levels meaning is that there is a petty difference in optimal TSH levels examined in the laboratory and the TSH range in your blood. But why are the high TSH levels observed? Isn’t it the body’s primary role to function properly. Well, it is because it has to look after every organ, tissue, and cell. So, every small glitch in body function is not be blamed for. sometimes it might be environmental factors, and sometimes it might be our fault. Either way, we are the victims of high TSH levels. 

When the body deems necessary, the hypothalamus secretes the thyrotropin-releasing hormone(TRH) which signals the pituitary gland to release the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. But what happens when the hypothalamus is unable to stop the sending of instructions to produce TSH? Or what is the situation of the pituitary gland when low levels of T4 and T3 are present in the blood. And the pituitary gland perceives this situation as the lack of enough TSH to promote the thyroid hormones. The answer is obvious, isn’t it? We find High TSH levels circulating in our blood. This is why most of the endocrinologists observe both the pituitary and thyroid gland when determining the cause of high TSH levels.

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TSH Levels High

As we have already mentioned that the function of TSH is to regulate the T4 hormone release from the Thyroid gland. When the TSH levels high, in most cases, it is because of lack of required amounts of T4 in the body. If the normal t4 levels are under in the blood, then the result that follows is that of low T3 or low thyroid in the blood. This deficiency of T3 in our blood hinders the metabolism of our body. Slow metabolism than the required one means, less percent of utilization of calories. As the calories are being spent less than required, we get tired, fatigue is next and the hypothyroidism symptoms follow. As very few calories are spent, the rest of them turn into fats. This is the reason for the unexplained weight gain in our body under the hypothyroidism phase. 

As of now, you must have got a clear picture about elevated TSH levels and the how thyroid dysfunctions when the optimal thyroid levels and the TSH levels in our body differ, and when there is an instance of high TSH levels. 

Complications with High TSH levels

  • Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid which might also be Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
  • High thyroid levels or high TSH levels can be a result of pituitary gland tumor too. (This is a rare case.)
  • When the TSH level is above 5mIU/L, then you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
  • Whereas, early diagnosis of hypothyroidism can be brought out by the thyroid test with TSH level above than above 2mIU/L. This is also known as subclinical hypothyroidism.

Who are under the Risk of High TSH levels?

Pregnant wonne are most likely to develop High Tsh levels. The chance of this high TSH levels in increased if they are diagnosed earlier with any sort of thyroid problem. Newborns if tested positive for high TSH levels which are above 5mIU/L require special medical assistance. Unless they are given the required hypothyroidism treatment they tend to show some awkward aftermath of the hypothyroidism like growth retardment, bowel movement problems, weakness, premature sexual development, and yellow skin appearance.

Note: It is important that you undergo treatment for high TSH levels as soon as they are diagnosed because the delay in the treatment can cause heart attack, stroke, or even osteoporosis.

Finally, you have gained some insight about the high TSH levels and the consequences that follow in this high TSH levels article. Now, don’t you think this high TSH levels article is informative? And don’t you want to learn something more about the thyroid hormones and their levels? Of course, apart from the high TSH levels. Then, Visit My Thyroid Problems for more exciting and knowledge imbibed information on the thyroid gland and the disorders it can carry. We also discuss the best diets and Excercise for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Along with that, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism treatment are also considered. 

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