Hyperthyroidism Treatment

Contradictory to the popular beliefs that the Hyperthyroidism Treatment only means the Radioactive iodine or Anti-thyroid medications, Beta-blocker or the ultimate surgery, there are a few other hyperthyroid treatments that will definitely boost the hyperthroidism cures. And the complete details about the overactive thyroid treatment with the conservative hyperthyroidism treatment and the tips to treat hyperthyroidism or over active thyroid are mentioned in the article below. So take a look at the meds for hyperthyroidism and the natural ways of the treatment of hyperthyroidism; to reduce the hyperthyroid risks like dry brittle nails, weak nails, dry nails. 

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Hyperthyroidism Treatment

Hyperthyroidism Treatment

Radioactive iodine

Since the iodine is only absorbed by the thyroid gland, this is the principle that is used in this type of hyperthyroidism treatment. When the radioactive iodine is used in place of the normal iodine, the thyroid gland absorbs this and shrinks to its normal size. Because of the radioactive iodine, the production of thyroid hormones reduces due to the inability of iodine to bond with the amino acids to create the hormones. Sometimes this may also lead to underactive thyroid i.e, hypothyroidism. So, doctors may suggest taking the hypothyroidism treatment along with this. This hyperthyroidism treatment is favored because of its relatively safe nature. 


Unlike the anti-thyroid medications, these beta blockers work by keeping the heart palpitations at bay due to the high blood pressure that might be the consequence of the hyperthyroidism. Side effects of this type of hyperthyroidism include the following fatigue, upset stomach, headache, constipation, diarrhea or even dizziness.

Anti-thyroid medications

Antithyroid medications include propylthiouracil and methimazole ( eg. Tapazole/Thiamazole). These antithyroid medications work based on the principle of restricting the thyroid gland to produce the excess of hormones which is the main reason for hyperthyroidism. The symptoms hyperthyroid will disappear on the thorough usage of these drugs for at least two months. But this type of treatment of hyperthyroidism using the anti-thyroid medications needs to be used for a complete year. And with the approval from your doctor, you can stop the usage on a complete cure. Few lucky people state that this antithyroid medication did cure it permanently. But some might not find it so lucky and thus experience a setback. 

Side effects for overdosage of antithyroid medications are the following: skin rashes, hives, fever or joint pain. These side effects might also affect people who are allergic to the hyperthyroid drugs.

Thyroidectomy Surgery 

If you don’t want to take the drugs for hyperthyroidism whatever the reason is like you being pregnant or being hesitant to take the lemon balm and thyroid medication lifelong. Then fear not and worry not because the surgery for thyroid gland is the best option. But most of the endocrinologist don’t recommend it unless the reason is a strong one. If this surgery goes awry it may damage your vocal cords as well. When the thyroid gland is removed surgically permanently, then to keep up with the metabolism body needs to be supplemented with the levothyroxine (Levoxyl, Synthroid etc.,) 

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Natural Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

For those, who think that the hyperthyroidism symptoms are simple, let me tell you it is mot. It is a curse to be losing weight and feeling tired all the time. So, it is of utmost importance that you escape these symptoms of high thyroid. In this path, the natural remedies for hyper thyroids help you. And the natural remedies for thyroid include the following. Check the below-given link on how to use these hyperthyroidism natural treatment options to heal thyroid naturally.

  1. Indian Gooseberry
  2. Passionflower
  3. Oats
  4. Motherwort
  5. Lemon Balm
  6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  7. Valerian Root
  8. Vitamin C

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Exercises & Yoga for Hyperthyroidism

The hyperthyroidism natural treatment primarily includes exercise and yoga which can help to keep the functioning of the overactive thyroid gland in order. In order to achieve that, there are a few parameters; that these exercises or yoga for thyroid that needs to cross. And a few yoga asanas for thyroid definitely does its part in giving the required relief from the hyperactive thyroid symptoms. Taking the foods for hyperthyroidism or foods good for thyroid and exercising helps in curing the symptoms of hyperthyroid or hyperthyrodism; with the minimal use of symptoms of too much thyroid medication.

The following are the yoga poses for thyroid; which helps in hyperthyroidism treatments to treat hyperthyroid symptoms in women and men. 

  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)
  • Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)
  • Child Pose (Shishuasana)
  • Corpse Pose (Shavasana)
  • Plow Pose (Halasana)

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Diet for Hyperthyroidism

As we already know that a healthy lifestyle plays an important part in the hyperthyroidism treatment, so is thyroid diet. Diet is also a part of the lifestyle that needs to be altered based on the needs and requirements. The food we eat decides on the nutrients and minerals or vitamin that fuels up the process of the healing for the overactive thyroid symptoms. Depending solely on the medication for hyperthyroidism on how to treat hyperthyroidism is a bad decision. Likewise, using natural thyroid treatment or natural remedies for hyperthyroidism as a treatment for hyperthyroidism without hyperthyroidism medication is a foolish thing to do.

So, as long as you take your hyperthyroid medication and follow a healthy lifestyle which includes the natural thyroid support with the hyperthyroid diet then you will be in good standing. So, for your convenience the home remedies for thyroid diet chart in mentioned below. You can download the PDf from there.

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Final Note

Please feel free to comment on any of the hyperthyroidism treatment methods mentioned above. If you do know something more about this treatment for hyperthyroidism, who knows some be might find it helpful. And also if you happen to follow some other treatment regimes to treat the hyperthyroidism symptoms then consider sharing with the fellow victims of hyperthyroidism as they might find it useful. Also, don’t forget sharing is caring. 

Finally, Do you have a doubt? No, don’t keep it with you. Don’t let it remain in the back of your head and let it disturb you, just let it out and we will let you know the answer for it. Hope you had a great and informative read.

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