Hypothyroidism Diet Plans & Best Foods for Hypothyroidism

The first thing we think when imaging the hypothyroidism is a woman late into her 40’s or something suffering from overweight. (one of the underactive thyroid symptoms) But when in reality even children are affected by it, let alone the youth and everyone. Nowadays maintaining perfect body mass index has become a quintessential part of life. For that, we need to have normal thyroid levels, in other words, normal TSH levels to avoid the inevitable thyroid issues. hypothyroidism means the underactive thyroid gland. As the name precisely suggest underactive, meaning the production of thyroid hormones like T3 and T4 are less than required. Scroll down below to know the hypothyroidism diet as a part of the hypothyroidism natural treatment.

Fewer thyroid hormones might be a result of low iodine levels in our body or there might be the difference in the normal TSH range. When the thyroid secretes TSH less than the TSH normal levels, we can see a change in metabolism which is not a positive. (sorry to say this, but this is the reason for your unexpected and unexplained weight gain.)

I think there is a little idea forming about what is hypothyroidism, and symptoms of low thyroid. I personally believe it is time for you to know, about the best diet plan. (i.e, hypothyroidism diet) This will help to cheat the hypothyroidism symptoms in women. If you think it is not in our hands to control the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism then follow this simple yet most effective and stringent hypothyroidism diet. These distinct hypothyroidism diet foods comprise the foods for hypothyroidism which can slow down the hypothyroid symptoms.

Hypothyroidism Diet Plans

Importance of Best Diet for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism Diet; why do we need the hypothyroidism diet, when this world is filled with thyroid supplements. It is obvious to anyone who has endured the underactive thyroid or low thyroid symptoms, that weight gain is the first noticeable one of the underactive thyroid symptoms. So, in a rush to shed the weight and be our perfect self we try everything from strenuous exercise to zero calorie liquid diets. But only a few of the martyrs of thyroid issues are aware that it is highly not plausible.

Unless you are well aware of the hypothyroidism diets that work, along with the hypothyroidism treatment, prescribed hypothyroidism medication bringing down the high TSH to TSH normal range or normal thyroid levels is a bit difficult. 

Robust Hypothyroidism Diet Chart

List of foods to eat for hypothyroidism diets definitely includes iodine rich foods. This is just not a hypothyroidism diet it is also a nutrition plan for healthy and fit you. Now, above all this, you need to have the determination and be strong-willed in order to follow this hypothyroidism diet as this is not easy. (at least not as easy as it sounds.) String will and determination make all the difference. It won’t work just to live on the hypothyroid medication to treat hypothyrodism. So, for your convenience here is the hypothyroidism diet which works wonders in natural thyroid treatment.


Time Options for Thyroid Diet
08:00 A.M – 09:00 A.M Solid Items Liquid Diet
One banana/ any fruit Green Tea
1 Egg white skimmed Milk
1 serving of oatmeal, grain cereal, granola 1 glass of orange juice

Benefits: Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps in burning the calories which are playing in you because of the slow metabolism. Everything mentioned in this breakfast part of hypothyroidism diet maintains the calorie intake to a minimum, all the while giving you something delicious to munch on.

Mid Morning Snacks

Time Foods for Hypothyroidism Diet (Mid-morning)
11:00 A.M 1 glass of minted Buttermilk

Benefits: Drinking a glass of buttermilk means you are making up to the small morsel of food you had in the morning. This is so wisely developed so as to ensure that you drink lots of water and eat less but wise. (that does not mean zero calories.) In this process, if you observe you will never find the hunger pangs hit you. 

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Time Foods for Hypothyroidism Diet
01:00 P.M – 02:00 P.M 1 cup of vegetable salad + Avocado
1 serving of Mushroom Salad with coconut cravings
 1 glass of buttermilk with a pinch of salt.

Benefits: The salt we add for better taste helps in promoting the iodine in our body. Thus the intake of iodine by thyroid glands would be increased. Increased iodine means, increase in production of thyroid hormones balancing the normal TSH range. Don’t add too much salt lest you will be facing with hypertension aka High BP. Follow the lunch with a slow 10-minute walk.

Evening Snacks

Time Evening Foods for Hypothyroidism diet 
04:30 P.M – 05:00 P.M 1 serving of 200g plain Greek yogurt + 2-3 Brazil Nuts Fruit bowl (fruit salad with watermelon)

Benefits: Brazil nuts are loaded in selenium element. It helps and regulates the thyroid function and stimulates the production of TSH level. Limit your brazil nuts consumption to 2-3 as brazil nuts are also full of fats and calories. (Although the fats might be good, that is another issue.) Vitamin D present in yogurt checks the functioning of thyroid hormones in check. It also maintains the transport of T3, T4 throughout our body.


Time Foods for Hypothyroidism Diet
07:30 P.M – 08:30 P.M 1 serving of fresh vegetable soup
1 cup of Quinoa with Dals
1 cup of pulses 100 gms or 1 serving of fish
 A bowl of yogurt (or) 1 glass of buttermilk

Benefits: The time you eat also matters and does help with your hypothyroidism treatments to lose weight. Pulses are rich in proteins helpful for building immunity during your downfall with symptoms of hypothyroidism in women. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids diminishes the inflammation which is one of the thyroid weight gains. 

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Word Meaning
Thyroid Hormones T3, T4, and Calcitonin
what is TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
T3 Triiodothyronine
T4 Thyroxine

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