Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women [Underactive Thyroid Symptoms]

Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid is a condition related to the thyroid gland, which is a butterfly-shaped gland in the upper part of the body. Thyroid hormones like T3 and T4 are produced in lower amounts and the TSH levels reach peaks. We know that the thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolism in our body. When the hormones are produced in low amounts for any reason like the low thyroid gland function. Due to this, metabolism slows down and the ability of the body to convert fats and calories fails. This failure leads to the excess of storage of fats and calories in the body. Obviously, this leads to weight gain as suspected. Along with weight gain, it carries some other hypothyroidism symptoms in women.

Hypothyroidism is the most seen thyroid disorder. It is very common among women between ages 25 to 60. The Hypothyroidism Symptoms in women are usually sighted as they age. But sometimes the luck might be complete against a few. Then hypothyroidism symptoms in women are also found in children or young girls. This thyroid condition skyrockets your worries and grounds your confidence. It is mainly attributed to the fact that the main low thyroid symptoms in women are weight gain and hair loss. This unexplained weight gain drastically lowers your confidence levels mainly in women if thyroid medication is not used aptly. Women generally worry about beauty and their body. This is prioritized even more than health in a few of the women. So, for them, this weight gain can dampen the spirits. 

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Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women

Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women Checklist

But if we are aware of the Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women and that weight gain is one of the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism in women, then hypothyroidism treatments start early which can save you from the worsening of symptoms of low thyroid. Don’t you think so too? Sometimes the signs of hypothyroidism go undetected due to many factors. For example, hormonal imbalances can have a lot of similarity between hypothyroidism symptoms in women and other hormonal disorders.

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You are already aware that hypothyroidism symptoms in women are mainly observed because of the low production and release of the thyroid hormones. Okay, that is cool. But what are the symptoms hypothyroidism? Is there any hypothyroidism symptoms checklist? Well, good news for all you looking for hypothyroidism in women checklist, as they are mentioned below. Yes, the frequently seen hypothyroidism symptoms in women include:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Depression
  3. Fatigue
  4. Dry, rough and itchy skin
  5. Constipation
  6. Edema which is characterized by swelling of the legs
  7. Difficulty in concentrating
  8. Muscle spasms
  9. Obscure aches and pains
  10. Thining of hair and baldness
  11. Premature graying of hair
  12. Low body temperature
  13. Hair loss
  14. Heat sensitivity
  15. Memory loss
  16. Puffy eyes 
  17. Hoarseness or gruff voice
  18. Dry hair
  19. Slow or faint pulse
  20. Weakened heart rate
  21. Poor memory or unable to remember even some of the recent happening
  22. Taste and smell are not easily distinguished
  23. Irregular menstrual cycle
  24. Heavy menstruation or heavy menstrual flow. (sometimes completely light menstrua; flow or late periods can be seen.)
  25. Infertility
  26. Miscarriages
  27. Lethargy
  28. also Chills
  29. Stillbirths 
  30. Thyroid pain
  31. High blood cholesterol levels

Psychological Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Women

Most of the women who suffer hypothyroidism symptoms in women also tell that they experience a lot of emotional hypothyroidism signs and symptoms apart from the physical ones which are visible. But these emotional symptoms are a sensitive matter and need an understanding approach. Anyway, as this article talks about the hypothyroidism symptoms in women lets just concentrate on that. So, as the women also complain about the emotional and mental health symptoms, here is the list of them which I think will be interesting to know.

It is so sad to say that although physical symptoms can be painful and all, the person which is a victim of both types of symptoms of underactive thyroid i.e, mental and physical needs the most thyroid medicine for thyroid symptoms and cure. The thyroid symptoms in women can be medically determined with the thyroid blood test or a TSH blood test. It is best to go for a TSH test if the underactive thyroid symptoms are not distinguishable by you.

  • Unusual nervousness
  • Postpartum Depression
  • also Severe mood swings
  • Depression
  • also mental slowing
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Lack of interest
  • Trembling
  • Short temper and also bad temper

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What Happen When Hypo Thyroid is Untreated?

Nevertheless, Don’t try and act like a hero by trying to restrain the hypothyroidism symptoms in women using alternates to hypothyroid treatment. And just follow your doctors or physician medication for hypothyroidism as untreated hypothyroidism can cause further damage to your already sensitive body.

Untreated Hypothyroid can also lead to the life-threatening condition known as Myxedema Coma. So, Never Ignore any sort of hypothyroid systems and go for regular thyroid test.

Complications of HypoThyroid

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However, hypothyroidism might be spontaneous or may develop during or after the pregnancy in women. It can also form the awfully wrong hyperthyroidism treatment. Yes, there have been quite a few cases of this too. If the hypothyroidism is developed during pregnancy then the chance that hypothyroidism is passed down to the newborn is high. So it is advisable, that as soon as you detect the hypothyroidism symptoms in women then rush to a doctor and take the required hypothyroidism medication. Hypothyroidism may also be a result of a thyroid disease known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder and it is one of the leading cause of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroid Treatment

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As prevent is always better than cure. Check for TSH, t3 & t4 levels randomly in a year. Diagnose thyroid and take appropriate treatment.

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Author’s Note

Visit My thyroid Problems to know and imbibe our self on the vast information and knowledge on the topic of thyroid glands, to use. Apart from the uses of the thyroid gland, know the hypothyroidism diet which can help in reducing the occurrence of hypothyroidism symptoms in women. In my opinion, even the yoga and exercise for thyroid will help in, you know, maybe not a complete replacement for hypothyroidism treatment, lessening the severity of hypothyroidism symptoms in women.


Word Meaning
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Triiodothyronine T3 hormone produced by the Thyroid gland
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Auto-immune disorder of the thyroid gland.
Thyroid Hormones T3, T4, and Calcitonin
Goiter swelling of the thyroid gland
T4 Thyroxine

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